What is Guitar

gitary elektryczne

The most classic kind of guitar is a guitar … :-) If you’ve seen the movie Desperado, or maybe you’ve heard of guitarist Paco de Lucia, or even about our Jacek Kaczmarski, it certainly’ve paired the look and sound of the classical guitar. Classical guitar has always nylon strings (three thicker metal wrap), quite wide and flat neck, knotted strings on the bridge. In music schools usually learn to play classical guitar. Classical guitar is the perfect instrument to learn to play. It has a nice and warm sound. It’s ideal for first instrument, because after a few days of learning can play a simple accompaniment. Classical guitar strings have a soft and comfortable neck - this guitar is easy on the fingers and not discouraged. It is the most popular and easiest to master the instrument. There are also models a bit smaller for children.


A few words about aesthetic medicine

medycyna estetyczna warszawa

Today, cosmetology is accompanied by a greater or lesser extent, every woman , as well as men . Sex with the beauty of these measures is trying to emphasize its advantages or overcome some imperfections. Cosmetics manufacturers competing in the creation of more and finer specifics in order to refine or improve the appearance of any age. We should ask the question : Does this state of affairs is the domain only of our time ? The origin of the word ” cosmetic ” is not fully explained . The widespread use of the term dates back to the period of ancient Rome, where slaves were called kosmetami dealing with a massage in the spa . The term slave kosmetami probably borrowed from the Greek , where ” kosmeticos ” means beautifying . So is the art of beautifying cosmetic . However, documented mention of the ways of beautifying the body dates back much further into history to the year 3000 BC, the Ancient Egypt .

The first information about logistics

wyposażenie magazynu

The first information about just such a use found in the annals of the Byzantine Empire . Here the emperor Lentos VI ( 886-911 ) in his book entitled ” The summary liner art of war ” distinguished next to the strategies and tactics of war as a third study logistics. According to him the task of logistics is ” to pay was paid , the army properly armed and ranked , feature works and military equipment to the army were sufficient and timely met and every military expedition properly prepared , that space and time are calculated , respectively , the area estimated taking into account the movement of troops and forces of the enemy resistance , and in accordance with these functions should regulate and organize the movements and distribution of its armed forces ” ..

From the root of the French began to tie the term logistics after the publication of the works of the Swiss general in the service of the French and Russian baron AH Jominiego bearing the title ” Outline of the art of war ” and published in Paris in 1837. In the sixth chapter of the work , entitled ” The logistics , which is the art of propelling the troops “, he assigns the logistics importance , which later found their way into civilian science . In this part of his work , Baron Jomini raises issues of concern to the contemporary logistics - writes about the location and supply warehouses, planning and implementation of marches and preparation of vehicles, furnishing transportation routes and supply troops. The book has been translated into English and was pulled on a reading list of American officers , and the same logistics as the name of the course was in 1885 . in the curriculum of the newly opened School of the U.S. Navy . In subsequent years, the term “logistics” has been widely accepted in military vocabulary , understood primarily as an economic element of military operations . During the Second World War, the U.S. Defense Department established the interdisciplinary teams whose task was to develop mathematical models of planning and their application to solving logistical problems of the U.S. Army . The most important of these problems were the location and supply warehouses and transport problems . In this way, these design teams have created the foundation for the development of both mathematical science of planning, known today as operational research , as well as the economic discipline - logistics.

How to paint a picture?

internetowa galeria sztuki

Painting (like all art ) contrary to the declarations buńczycznym artists has never been a phenomenon independent and you can always find a deeper phenomenon , which was a testimony (sometimes rzetelniejszym than the development of historians ) . History of art do not make work ” objectively valuable ” but those who have found a patron and thus survived .
The history of patronage in the arts is perhaps more interesting than the history of art itself , and the most interesting is the separation of the role of patron and recipient. If the patron and the recipient was a wealthy eccentric works were unique (even bizarre - in the architecture of Gaudi’s case ) . If the recipient of art has become an anonymous crowd , must dominate the art that suits his tastes anonymous . But the crowd is not a patron , because the money gives artists someone else . Whose tastes so corresponds art meant for the people?

This section presents the history of European painting , but it also covers the history of American painting , that - with few exceptions - the First World War was a stylistic continuation of European art , to the Second World War formed the base of our own modern regional art , and after the Second World War created a radical avant-garde styles and in two decades almost completely dominated European art .

In section PROCEEDS is a summary of the most important painters and documented master-disciple relationship . This is material for the curious . These relationships , however, indicate the artist’s first teacher frequently and do not always determine its own mature style . Great artists rarely tended the great masters .

How to write a resume?

przykładowe cv

Curriculum Vitae should be short and simple form. Ideally, it took a maximum of two pages. CV can not do without a few basic items, such as personal information , education and experience . It is worthwhile to include the Additional knowledge of foreign languages ​​, training , interests and image .
Do not forget about Formula , where you consent to the processing of personal data.

Many people forget that each document should be heading . At the top of the page you need to write a resume or nicer in expanded form Curriculum Vitae to the recruiter had no doubt what he was dealing with.

Personal details and contact
personal Information
Here, for a change, you no longer have to type the heading “personal data” . Start a complement biography simply from your name - this will be clearly visible and can be better remembered. When writing them always in this order : first name , then last name - it certainly present in the Polish language . Alphabetic read out the names , and then names it a habit of school attendance list . Your first name only , unless they actually speak to two . Then include the date and place of birth .

Address of residence
Contact details should be entered in a transparent manner. It is better to give than the check-in address . The latter can be misleading . For example, if you come from Bialystok , studying at the Warsaw University and applying for a job for a student in Warsaw , do not enter the address of your family home - the recruiter may think that taking up work will involve for you from moving .

E -mail
Make it to your e-mail sounded seriously and credibly . Ideally, in order to include your full name, eg jan.nowak @ gmail.com or jan_nowak@wp.pl or j.nowak @ gazeta.pl , etc. . If you have your domain and the ability to start in the mail such as jan@jannowak.com - certainly it will look professional. Avoid frivolous emails like: frog @ … , laska22 @ … and incomprehensible and difficult to remember the type of quetzalcoatl @ …
Of course, always refer to your private address . If you are planning to change their place of employment , do not send your CV and cover letter with corporate email . Someone may have noticed. Besides, when I leave this job , your mail will cease to exist .

65 percent. pack warnings

Under the new rules a warning about the dangers of smoking to health should occupy 65 percent . both sides of the package of cigarettes; forbidden to be attractive packaging, such as lipstick or perfume-like. One package will have to include at least 20 cigarettes.
Since 2016, to be banned flavored cigarettes, a list of these additives developed by the European Commission. The exception consisted of menthol cigarettes, which will be introduced for a four-year transition period, which means that the ban will come into force until the summer of 2020.
Ban menthol opposed to Poland, as the largest producer of finished tobacco products and second quantities of tobacco producer in the EU also excels when it comes to the popularity of thin slim cigarettes and menthol.
The original design of the tobacco directive proposed by the European Commission also provided for a ban on sales of slim cigarettes, which was however rejected by both the EU countries and the EP.

E - burning strictly prohibited. The school changed its statutes. A movie theater?

electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes new challenge for schools. Formally, they are not a tobacco product, so you can burn it where normal is prohibited. Recipe utilize students.
Schools are victims of fashion for e-cigarettes. Their producers for years - with increasing success - to encourage smokers to reach for electronic counterparts.

What convinced lovers of nicotine? Using the e-cigarette does not burn tobacco. It occurs for the purified nicotine inhalation. According to studies, the route of administration of nicotine is less harmful to health. They are not in themselves toxic and carcinogenic tar, which occur when smoking a traditional cigarette. Arguments producers also argued passive smokers because the smoke escaping from the e-cigarette is harmless to the environment. Contains a small amount of nicotine, which quickly evaporates in the air.
Since this type of cigarette is not a tobacco product not subject to the Act on protection of health against the consequences of tobacco use and tobacco. Encourage manufacturers to purchase, explaining that you can smoke it anywhere: in a bar, cafe, cinema and the bedding plane. E-cigarettes you can smoke in any public place, which is where traditional cigarette is prohibited.
Such provisions began using students. Even if you are not of legal age, e-cigarette buy it without a problem and specialty shops in the city is missing. E-cigarettes can also be easily ordered via the internet. - Ordinary, we can not smoke in front of the school, because chasing us teachers and the director.

Not enough space in the garden - what to do?

zakładanie trawników warszawa

Pavilions and covered nooks, which will serve as a place of rest is also worth to put on the plan of our garden. It must be remembered that wood requires regular maintenance - they need to be cleaned and paint formulations by which gazebo, wooden table and chairs will serve us for many years.
For small architecture also include trellises, pergolas, trellis and climbing frames, after which the plant can climb (eg ivy, honeysuckles, clematis or climbing roses). Ornamental planting of vines is a good idea for owners of very unsightly elements of the garden (eg woodshed, garbage, composting).
It is worth considering also the pond - water in the garden enlivens the landscape and gives you cool on hot days. I also recommend making a fountain or a small cascade near the place where we relax, because the bubbling water relaxes and calms. Pond requires proper care and before his assumption should consult a specialist regarding such deep holes, water, filters and pumps, selection of aquatic plants, fish and their feeding, security holes before winter.

spa w górach

On the green slope of a mountain enjoying his view of whitewashed facades of houses clustered tightly next to one another. Zahara de la Sierra - city cut off from the world by the raw mountain terrain and lake, from which it takes its name , is located on the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos ( Whites Road cities of Andalusia ) . This is one of the most charming Andalusian villages.

Granada- its name comes from the Spanish fruit grenade ( grenade ) , which is a symbol of the city . The most famous monument of which is undoubtedly famous for the Alhambra . It is a palace complex of the thirteenth century , an outstanding example of Arabic architecture , the construction of which started the Arab dynasty - Nasrydowie . Impressive decor, room and ornaments , and wall murals attract visitors from all over the world . It was in Granada can be found even featuring custom ” tapas ” served as an extra treat for beer or wine. where she came from the tradition of small appetizers ” tapas ” ? One story has it that during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs , entered into bars habit of covering bottles of liquor pieces of food ( sausages, cheese , ham ) . Before łyknęło alcohol , you had to eat a “lid ” (in Spanish, cover it and cover it tapear tapa ) . In this way an attempt to slow the rate of binge drinking among the guests, especially the drivers , who by his drunkenness fostered numerous traffic accidents.